San Paolo Solarino, Melbourne CBD

Craving for some Italian pasta but too lazy to go to Lygon Street with a tirey Little Monster, so I just searched on and see if there’s an Italian closeby to our hotel on Bourke Street. The highest ranking on nearby was San Paolo Solarino Pasta and Wine Bar, we initially wanted to go to Grosso Florentino but were told it’s fully booked (not surprising for a Saturday night), when I rang up San Paolo Solarino I was a bit surprised to hear that I could still get a table and it sounded very quiet?


As soon as we arrived there were only 2 tables at 7:30pm on a Saturday night, then Mr F decided not to order anything because he was very suspicious about the the food quality. Oh well, me and Little Monster were hungry so we didn’t care what Mr F thought and quickly placed our order, Rigatoni with aurora-style pork Bolognese and ricotta ($25.9) and French fries with aioli ($9.5). The dishes were quite nice, thought I found them a bit salty. But overall it’s a pleasant dining experience! And the complimentary bread wasn’t too bad too🙂 I’ve to say San Paolo Solarino was a pretty average Italian restaurant, especially in the  competitive dining scene in Melbourne. Where should I go for an authentic Italian in the next few days? Lygon St or Carlton? Any good recommendations?




San Paolo Solarino
Address: 7  Howey Pl (279 Little Collins St, next to Hotel Causeway) Melbourne CBD
Phone: 03 9663 2636

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