Pho Dzung, Melbourne (revisit 2013)

I’m here at Melbourne again! Yay! Instead of rehearsing my talk for tomorrow I’m procrastinating (as usual) and decided to write a blog about tonight’s dinner😛

It’s Pho Dzung again! Not that I decided to go there, but it was actually a coincidence that my colleague’s friend wanted to try this famous Vietnamese noodle shop. We had the Spring Rolls Vermicelli, Combination Noodle Soup and Vietnamese Prawn Rolls – everything were delicioux tonight! Everyone kept saying that their Richmond shop tastes thousands times better, now I really wanna go there to have a try!

20130930_202618 20130930_202131 20130930_202651

Pho Dzung
Address: 234 Russell St Melbourne CBD (near China Town)
Phone: 03 9663 8885

Pho Dzung City Noodle Shop on Urbanspoon

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