Ramen Kan, Haymarket

Raman Kan has very high rating on Urbanspoon, but may be we had really high expectations of Japanese ramen we found their ramen a little bit disappointed but the other dishes were very nice!

Little  Monster loved the Crab Croquette, he demanded for a second serve straight away!


Agedashi Tofu was our next entree.


I tried their Tonkotsu Ramen – it was a  bit disappointing because the broth was not rich enough. (I think Brisbane’s Hakataya Ramen is much more authentic) But I do love the half-boiled egg!


Mr F had a Chicken Katsu Don – he said the dish was only average compared to the ones he had in Japan.


Ramen Kan
Address: 90 Hay St Haymarket (China Town) NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9211 6677

Ramen-Kan on Urbanspoon

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