Goa Doodle Do, Woolloongabba

I’ve never tried Goa-Portuguese Fusion, what exactly it is? What is Goan-themed breakfastGoa is the smallest state in India, located on the west coast about 600km south of MumbaiGoan cuisine is a fusion between the Indian west coast spices and ingredients with Portuguese flavours. Last weekend we went to Goa-Doodle-Do to try their authentic Goan breakfast. It was an very interesting experience! But Mr F may have different opinions as he usually is not that adventurous :P

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We bought a Groupon online deal a few months ago, it came with a three course breakfast (or brunch) menu. The first course was a fruit platter and the original deal came with two glasses of champagne but we chose fruit juice instead.

2013-02-09 11.51.02

Goa-Doodle-Do Macadamia Pancake served with char grilled mango, cocnut and lychee sauce. The pancakes were not the fluffy ones that we usually had, they were a bit hard and stiff.

2013-02-09 11.51.26

The Quattro Fromage Cafreal Omelette – a four cheese omelette influenced by quattro fromage pizza, created from cafreal flavours of coriander, mild spices, with feta, parmesan, cottage and paneer cheeses. I never had Indian spices with omelette, Mr F didn’t like it but I found it quite special. I heard from my Indian colleague Goa-Doodle-Do is the most authentic Goan cuisine she had in Australia, may be next time I should go there with her to pick the authentic dishes?

2013-02-09 11.54.54

Address: 598 Stanley ST Woolloongabba Q4102
Phone: 07 3846 2424
Web: goa-doddle-do.com

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