Din Tai Fung, Sydney

Do you love our post on New Shanghai at Brisbane’s Queen Plaza? Talking about Xiao Lung Bao (Shanghainese style mini pork buns) the BEST out of the BEST must be Din Tai Fung’s!!! In 1993 Din Tai Fung was ranked as World’s Top 10 Restaurants by The New York Times! The two branches in Hong Kong were also awarded as One Star Michelin Restaurant! Whenever we go to Sydney this is definitely our must go restaurant – The World’s Tastiest Dumpling!


Of course our first thing to order is the famous Xiao Lung Bao! Din Tai Fung has “strict rules” on their mini steamed pork buns, each of it has exactly 18 pleats, 6cm in diameter, 16g of minced pork (though I doubt how precise one could make) but you do see from the open kitchen each chef has to weigh the bun from the dough to the finished product! I guess it’s because of this strict quality control which makes every outlet the same good Xiao Lung Bao!


Look at how cute this little bun! It’s full of broth inside – that’s what make it so special! I could easily finish the whole basket of 8 mini buns by myself😛


Din Tai Fung Sydney is doing a Truffle version Xiao Lung Bao I wonder how could an European mushroom cross over with a traditional Chinese pork bun?


We ordered 2 buns to try, when they arrived on the table I was a little bit disappointed because they didn’t have that signature strong truffle smell as I expected.


After the first bite I looked at Mr F and we both questioned how much truffle they put in? Certainly it’s full of “mushrooms” but somehow it lacks the truffle taste?


Other favourite dishes we had were the Noodles in Sesame Sauce and Drunken Chicken. Both were traditional Shanghainese dishes which you could hardly find another comparable restaurant in Australia does the same good quality! I also love Dan Dan Noodle – the hot and spicy version but Mr F and Little Monster can’t take spicy food😦

IMG_7371 IMG_7365

Our friends M & C also recommended us to try their signature Lychee Mint Juice, it was really refreshing! And of course their Soy Milk is so warm and soothing!


For dessert it’s our first time to try the sweet version of mini bun, we had the Taro bun and it’s really lovely! You could just order one piece instead of a whole basket if you are already full.


Din Tai Fung
Address: Shop 11.04, Level 1, World Square, 644 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9264 6010

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5 thoughts on “Din Tai Fung, Sydney

  1. omg this is one of my favourite places too! have you been to the ones in taiwan? there’s none better. have you tried taste gallery in market square? they also do xiao long bao (XLB as P and I like to call them :D), and not half-badly. not like din tai fung though!

  2. I went to the ones in Taiwan many years ago, I was surprised to see the overseas outlets all have similar quality! Taste Gallery is also good. Now there’s a new place at Queens Plaza called “New Shanghai” and it’s pretty good! But Din Tai Fung is always the best out of the best!

  3. OMG for a moment I was devastated that I may have missed the truffle dumpling but glad to hear that there wasn’t a strong taste. So I don’t feel like I am missing out lol,
    Still… do you know how long this special will last for?

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