Fat Noodle, Brisbane CBD

Happy 2013! Deliciouxxx family has just returned from a fantastic holiday break in Sydney and we had a great time dining out in this food capital city! Stay tuned for some upcoming delicious posts😛 One thing which disappointed us a little bit was on Christmas Eve we went to The Star (formerly known as Star City Casino) then we realised most restaurants are located “inside” of the casino and no children are allowed! Even Luke Nguyen’s Fat Noodle – a casual (?) Asian eatery?! So tonight, the first Friday of the year, we wanted to go to Fat Noodle Brisbane!

Fat Noodle is located at the former Cafe 21 but now there’s a separate staircase entering the restaurant. There was a short queue and since we went in with Little Monster on a pram, we caught the security guards’ attention immediately as we expected😛 (Kids are ALLOWED into Fat Noodle, same as Cafe 21) The queue was next to the open kitchen and it was so fascinated to see the chefs cooking a noodle soup dish in minutes!


Hm… the Phở (Vietnamese beef noodle soup) looks so delicious! I know what I am ordering tonight🙂


Inside the restaurant it was fully packed, we got a table at the corner which could fit a high chair. The menu was written on a sheet of paper in front of us (that’s the common style of menu in Asian countries), the menu was simple with Luke Nguyen’s signature Vietnamese dishes and also rice and noodle dishes from South East Asia.


IMG_7924 IMG_7947

The first dish arrived was Angus Beef – a Vietnamese vermicelli noodle dish with grilled beef slices, lemongrass, herbs and nuts ($19). The grilled beef was delicious, flavoursome and juicy! (Though the price was so much higher compared to Inala’s Tan Thanh)


The second dish arrived was Fat Pho Noodles – Chef Luke’s signature beef broth, thinly sliced Angus sirolin and brisket with rice noodles ($18). Wooh! As soon as the brooth arrived on the table we could smell the strong beef flavour it was very rich! But the brooth looked very clear just like a consommé and it reminded me of Aria’s Duck consomme!


The last dish arrived was our entree – Salt N Pepper Silken Tofu ($10). They looked like Japanese Agedashi Tofu with a thin batter. Yum!


It was a very pleasant dining experience and Mr F said he would definitely come back to try some of the stir fried dishes🙂

IMG_7953 IMG_7950 IMG_7949

Fat Noodle
Address: Treasury Casino, 130 William St, Brisbane Q4000
Phone: 07 3306 8888
Web: www.treasurybrisbane.com.au/Dining/Pages/Fat-Noodle-.aspx
Opening Hours: Sun – Thu 10am – midnight, Fri – Sat 10am – 3am

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