Sushi Heiroku, Labrador, Gold Coast

Most people would think a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant only serves low quality sushi but recently I’ve found two delicioux Japanese sushi restaurants in Queensland! The first surprise was Sushi Deli at Westfield Garden City, Upper Mt Gravatt (Brisbane) and I recently found the second surprise at Labrador (Gold Coast)!


Sushi Heiroku was established in 1967 from Japan, does anyone know whether they have other restaurants in Australia?

Similar to other conveyor-belt sushi restaurants you can pick your favourite dish and the colour of the plate indicates the price of the dish, or you can place an order with the chef directly. I love to order directly from the chef, especially sushi with raw fish, because the quality is always better!


We ordered a Hotate (scallop), the today’s special Tuna Trio (three types of tuna), Sake (salmon), Inari (sweet tofu skin), Terriyaki Chicken Roll and Avocado Roll. All dishes were super super super oishii~~~

IMG_7223 IMG_7218 IMG_7214 IMG_7213 IMG_7221 IMG_7211

Heiroku Sushi
Address: Shop 1, 10A Frank St, Labrador Q4215
Phone: 07 5532 4831

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2 thoughts on “Sushi Heiroku, Labrador, Gold Coast

  1. Hate to say this but you’re like… more than a year late in finding this gem…and it ain’t a gem anymore.
    This used to be like the very best sushi (train type) in Australia but the original head sushi chef left, and it ain’t the same ever since.

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