Gyoza Bar ANN, Fortitude Valley

After hearing some positive feedback from Little Monster’s Godfather & Godmother we are really looking forward to try Gyoza Bar ANN today! In fact all the blogger reviews are quite encouraging so we headed to Emporium today. We had no idea where the restaurant was so we drove around the complex then realise the old book shop has gone, rather it’s been replaced by this traditional Japanese looking restaurant.

The interior decor is like an izakaya in Japan, wooden tone decor with big drums of sake.

Lunch special is the Tower Bento Box, I had Chicken Gyoza as main and it comes with a box of Rice with Japanese Soy and Salad.

The Gyoza were served on a sizzling hot pan (smell deliciouxxx) and the waitress poured some special sauce to make it even more flavoursome! This reminds Mr F about the oishii gyoza we had in Japan – Gyoza Stadium at Namja Town, Hakata Ippudo RamenShitennou Ramen.

Both the salad and rice are as good as the gyoza! Oishii~~~ we especially loved the dressing on the salad!

Mr F ordered Terriyaki Chicken for his bento box, it comes in a tower of 3 boxes, kawaii~~~ how cute!

We haven’t had a tasty Terriyaki Chicken for a long time… usually it’s either too sweet or too salty… this one is perfect! We loved the sauce! Mr F poured all the sauce from the chicken box to his rice and he finished it in no time.

The whole dining experience was really enjoyable, except one little thing about their service… we called them beforehand to check whether they have any highchair and the lady on the phone said yes we do, but turns out they don’t have any… we are ok about it as we usually carry our own booster but it’s just painful to go back to our car to get it on a pouring rainy day… the Japanese waitress apologetically explained some of the wait staff only knows limited english…

Gyoza Bar ANN
Address: Shop 26 Emporium, 1000 Ann St, Fortitude Valley Q4006
Phone: 07 3172 3020
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30am-3pm, 6pm-10pm

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3 thoughts on “Gyoza Bar ANN, Fortitude Valley

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  2. What great photos, I feel like I am eating the meal too. Which do you prefer this place or Harajuiku? Wont to go try either would love to know your thoughts.

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