Madtongsan III, Eight Mile Plains

Another night out with a bunch of food lovers! As we struggled to find an exciting delicioux dining place Mr N suggested a Korean favourite – Madtongsan III. Apparent from its name this is their third restaurant in Brisbane after the huge success of II in the Brisbane CBD. Tonight we realised why it’s so so so popular, simply the food is ma-si-sseo-sseo-yo 맛있었어요 (delicious!), luckily we booked a table for the 6:30pm seating and it’s already fully packed. Can you imagine a full house on a Monday night?! (who said Monday is always the quiet dull boring dining scene…)

Korean side dishes are best condiments with beer! The best thing is they are bottomless, all you can eat! Madtongsan III has kimchi, pasta salad and pickled sweet potatoes. Everyone loves the side dishes🙂

For entrée we had Fried Korean Dumplings and Pumpkin Pancake.

Everyone ordered Rice in Hot Stone Pot, what a coincidence😛

Bibimbap (Beef with Vegies Rice in Hot Stone Pot) – with extra Korean chilli sauce! Yum! Bibimbap is a signature Korean dish which literally means “mixed rice”, it is even listed as one of the World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods by CNN Go in 2011.

Mine is the Raw Beef version, deliciouxxxx! Look at the beautiful egg yolk! I especially love the burnt rice at the bottom of the hot stone pot!

Mr F usually ordered Bulgogi 불고기 (Beef Stir Fry in Korean style) but he wanted to try something different, this is a hot stone version of Bulgogi – he said it’s simply divine!

Chilli Hot Pot is another specialty of Korean cuisine, Mr N’s Seafood and Tofu Chilli Hot Pot looks so spicy!

So what did Mr & Ms J ordered? Another chilli pot?

Oh.. it’s Pork and Tofu Chilli Pot (thanks Mr J dug out the pork pieces for my photoshoot :P)

Thank you Madtongsan! We all had a great time and everyone said you do the BEST KOREAN in Brisbane!

Madtongsan III
Address: Shop 12, Warrigal Square, 261 Warrigal Rd, Eight Mile Plains Q4113
Phone: 07 3841 1150

 madtongsan III on Urbanspoon

One thought on “Madtongsan III, Eight Mile Plains

  1. i live right around the corner from here, and it’s really awesome food. i love the bibimbap with cheese – totally unorthodox but totally amazing. the chilli hot pots are awesome, glad you enjoyed it!

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