Fusion 360 Cafe, Sunnybank (revisit in 2012)

Last night was our beloved friend Ms F’s 28th birthday (yay! another year older another year wiser!) she’s staying alone in Brisbane studying for her PhD (aka permanent head damage :P) I know she has been missing home  and she would like to have dinner in “Hong Kong Style”. There are quite a few places in Sunnybank serving “Hong Kong Style” Chinese food but we want to go somewhere a bit special and somewhere we can sit longer to chat… ah! Fusion 360 suddenly pops up in my mind! A suburban gem serving “Hong Kong Style” fusion cuisine.

The serving size in Fusion 360 is huge! Our Iced Ribena with Lemon (a special drink so popular in Hong Kong) comes in a 30 cm tall glass!

Little Monster’s garlic bread was not bad… but no surprise as well…

The highlights of the night would be the Cream Soup with Puff Pastry, an unique way of serving soup in Hong Kong’s restaurants.

Our next favourite was the Chicken Wings in Honey and Soy – crispy skin with juicy meat!

The next entrée was Tempura Prawns the tempura batter was a bit thick and the taste was a bit bland.

Seafood Spaghetti with Tobiko in Cream Sauce was quite nice and the serving was huge!

The other signature dishes at Fusion 360 are Rice in Stone Pot, we ordered a Creamy Seafood Rice and Pork Chop in Tomato Sauce. Both are quite tasty but a little bit salty…

The other mains we had are Fried Rice with Wagyu Beef and Grilled Japanese Eel with Ramen.

Fusion 360 is a nice place for friends gathering if you prefer somewhere quieter than the usual buzzing Sunnybank restaurants🙂

Fusion 360 Cafe
Address: Shop 2B, 95 Mains Rd, Sunnybank Q4109 (next to Caltex petrol station)
Phone: 07 3168 2803
Web: http://www.fusion360cafe.com

Fusion 360 on Urbanspoon

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