iThai, Sunnybank

Thai cuisine is one of the most popular Asian food in Australia. iThai was opened in late 2010 at Market Square, it was originally named as Chat Thai – the same name as the Sydney’s most favourite Thai restaurant in China Town, but the Brisbane one has no relation with it.

We love the flame grilled skewers! Grilled Pork Skewer and Chicken Satay Skewer, both accompany with a special sauce: hot chilli BBQ sauce and peanut satay sauce.

Curry Puffs are hot and crispy!

Our mains are Pad Thai and iThai Grilled Chicken Rice, both are only average and a little bit bland though the serving was HUGE!!!

I found it really hard to find an authentic Thai restaurant in Brisbane, most are either too westernized or too Chinese style… so far the best ones we’ve been to are Siam Samrarn, Sings and My Thai… and of course the delicioux Chat Thai in Sydney!

Address: Shop 8 Market Square, Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St, Sunnybank Q4109
Phone: 07 3345 1123

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