Sushi Deli, Garden City, Upper Mt Gravatt

Sushi again! Yes it’s sushi again! This must be the BEST conveyor belt sushi restaurant we have visited so far in Brisbane! Oishiii~~~ We walked pass this little corner sushi place at the lower level food court at Garden City many times but never heard of any reviews, pretty strange… until we saw Chrissy’s MaMa posted some delicious toro (fatty tuna) photos on facebook! And it’s only $6 for two pieces of toro nigiri!

Fatty tuna toro とろ🙂🙂🙂 Only one word can describe my feeling! Ichiban!

Sashimi Mix has salmon, tuna, white fish and tobiko. Fresh!

My other favourite is uni ウニ (sea urchin), it’s not bad but the ones we had in Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market was much better😛

Hotate (scallop) is big, fresh and juicy! Yum!

Hamachi (yellowtail kingfish) is the sweetest white fish that I like!

The two boys who don’t eat raw fish had many cooked options too such as Terriyaki Chicken Roll.

Chicken Katsu and Avocdao Nigiri

Little Monster’s favourite avocado roll

What an incredible meal! Though there are some points to note… the restaurant is super tiny, no high chair so don’t forget to bring your own booster, the staff are not particularly friendly but the sushi chef is super nice, and there are no hot food served.

Sushi Deli
Address: Unit 1-1035, Westfield Garden City (near lower level food court, next to Flight Centre),  Cnr Logan & Kessels Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt Q4122
Phone: 07 33492229

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