Reef Seafood & Sushi, Southport

It’s pretty unusual for me to have two sushi meals on the same day😛 but sushi is my favourite food and as soon as I walked into the Reef Seafood & Sushi my eyes were fixed on the delicioux sushi rolls! Reef is located inside Ferry Road Market in Gold Coast, the sister market of Brisbane’s James Street Market.

They have all sorts of gourmet sushi roll from Gold Coast Roll,  Alaskan King Crab Roll, Wagyu Beef Terriyaki Roll, Soft Shell Crab Roll, Grilled Salmon Roll, Spicy Chicken Roll, Eel Roll etc…

Nigiri is $3 each or Sushi Platter for $18 (s) or $20.5 (l), they also have a range of Sashimi Don (rice) and cooked meals like Tempura and Bento Box.

Japanese chefs prepared the sushi on site, love the freshness!

The large Sushi Platter has Hotate (scallop), Sake (salmon), Ebi (prawn), Hamachi (kingfish), Maguro (tuna), Tobiko (flying fish roe), Tamago (egg) etc.. Oishiiiiiii~~~

Next time I’ll definitely try their freshly shucked oysters! Sydney Rock, Port Stephens, Tasmania… which one should I choose?

Reef Seafood & Sushi
Address: Ferry Rd Market, 107 Ferry Rd, Southport Q4215
Phone: 07 55284477
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 8am-6pm

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