Crazy Wings, Sunnybank Hills

Nobody would object if I say Sunnybank is our “real” China Town! I’ve lost count how many Asian restaurants have set foot in this tiny suburb and lately it has expanded to the nearby Sunnybank Hills, Runcorn and Eight Mile Plains. Crazy Wings is the latest addition to this exciting Asian dining scene. A franchise originated from China with 300 stores, Crazy Wings specializes in Charcoal BBQ Skewers – a Beijing style hawker food. This is our first time visiting a BBQ skewer restaurant we are very interested in what kind of food they offer.

First item is Crazy Wings in Honey Soy Sauce ($2.5).   It is really really delicioux!!! We only ordered one skewer and we should order more! People sitting around us all having at least half a dozen skewers on their plate…

Next is the Ox Tongue ($6 for 3 skewers), so exotic! I love ox tongue but Mr F said it’s a bit funny to chew another animal’s tongue 😛

Fish Tofu ($6 for 3 skewers)

Chicken Fillets with Soft Bone ($6 for 3 skewers) – this is one of the interesting dish, I like the soft tendons but Mr F hates “chewing bones”… I insisted it’s edible and arguably one of the Asian delicacy with beer!

For the Little Monster we ordered a Garlic Bread ($2.5) and turned out it’s just a piece of toast with some garlic butter. How disappointed… considering for the same price you can get two flavoursome chicken wings, I wonder how did they do the pricing?! But anyway Little Monster loves all sorts of garlic bread and he couldn’t keep his hand away from it.

We also ordered the Enoki Mushrooms ($4.7 for 3 skewers), it’s the first time I had Enoki on a skewer and it’s quite nice and juicy.

Nearly on all skewers they put some chilli powder so we couldn’t share this dish with Little Monster and the chilli powder is quite hot as well, I heard Northern Chinese loves chilli on all food!

Lastly it’s the Fried Rice with Terriyaki Beef ($11.8), Mr F said it’s one of the best fried rice he had for some time! The fried rice came in a big bucket, frankly it did look quite funny😛

Crazy Wings we’ll definitely be back:)

Crazy Wings
Address: Shop 1A, 158 Gowan Rd, Sunnybank Hills Q4109
Phone: 07 34238830

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