The Burrow, West End

Yesterday we went to The Burrow for breakfast, it was early in the morning at around 8am and there were only 2-3 tables in the restaurant, we were a bit surprised because apparently this is one of the “top breakfast” spot in Brisbane (?). Their menu is rather interesting: Alice – pistachio nougatine bread and butter pudding, Dharma Sunrise  – scrambled tofu and julienned vegies, Little Pig Little Pig – cider braised porkbelly etc etc. I guess we are a bit old school so these funky menu didn’t quite suit us, we decided to order a Wakey Wakey Eggs N Bacie and a coffee before our next move…

We chose the house blend “Burrow Blend” for our coffee, it’s a 100% organic and fair trade bean (from Indonesia, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Peru and East Timor) with strong dark chocolate, orange liqueur and rum flavours.

The breakfast Wakey Wakey Eggs N Bacie is scrambled free range eggs with black forest bacon on a sunflower rye toast. It’s really really just average and a bit bland. I think the best part is the handcrafted Pepe Saya Butter only.

Mr F wasn’t too impressed with my choice of brekky cafe but I showed him on my phone this is one of the “Talk of the Town” on Urbanspoon… I guess may be The Burrow has better lunch or dinner menu? Or the other funky brekky dishes are better?

The Burrow
37 Mollison St West End Q4101
Phone: 07 38460030
Opening Hours: Tue-Thu 8:30am till late, Fri-Sun 1am till late

The Burrow on Urbanspoon

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