The Lab Bar & Restaurant, Brisbane

We have been to The Lab at Treasury Casino for many years and our favourite dish is the Angus Beef Steaks! Tonight we celebrated GJ’s birthday at this heritage building, not to my surprise four out of the six family members chose the steaks😛 And the others chose the Barramundi as main course.

As soon as we sat down at the corner table I was so excited to take out my Canon G12 camera ready for some great photos, even though we have been to The Lab for many many times we never took any good photos because of the dim lighting, unfortunately as soon as I pressed the shutter… it says “no memory card”! Bugger! I left the SD card on my computer after writing my last blog post yesterday… Oh well… I have to live with the Samsung SII phone quality photos for this post then…

Amuse bouche

Baked Kangaroo Island Oysters with semi-dried tomato, confit garlic and herb breadcrumbs

In between the entree and main course we had a lovely Lemon Sorbet as palate cleanser.

This season’s menu no longer have Angus Beef but rather it features two cuts of Grainge – “Grainge Beef is a brand of meat where the cattle are grain fed for 100 days and are British/Euro cross and raised free of artificial growth agents” (Australian Meat Industry Council). Oh interesting! Mr F chose the 300g MS3+ Rib Fillet with peppercorn jus. 

GJ had the 200g Grainge MS3+ Eye Fillet with Béarnaise Sauce. 

I think the rib fillet was only average but the accompany peppercorn jus wasn’t too bad. The eye fillet was much juicier and tender but I guess it’s due to individual’s preference of what cut of meat you like? Ms Fish ordered the 200g eye fillet as well but the size looked so much smaller and she found the forest mushroom sauce too sweet.

I had the WA Cone Bay Farmed Barramundi with Black Olive Tapenade Potato Mash with Baby Turnips and Vincotto (once again excuse me for the poor photo :().  The barramundi was really yummy! Crispy skin and juicy meat! I haven’t had a good piece of barramundi for some time, either they were undercooked or too over cooked. It was really out of my expectation! Unfortunately the portion of the potato mash seemed too much and didn’t quite match the fish.

Thick Cut Fries with Aioli was yum yum!

How would I rate The Lab? Hm… my barramundi is nice, amuse bouche and palette cleanser are good, thick cut fries are great but the steaks didn’t lift up everyone’s expectations😦 Mr F said he’s quite disappointed and probably won’t come back for some time…

The Lab Bar & Restaurant
Conrad Treasury Hotel
130 William St Brisbane Q4000
Phone: 07 33068888

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