Oishii Sushi Bar, Sunnybank Hills

Oishii Sushi Bar used to be our favourite Japanese at the south side of Brisbane, however during our last few visits we were appalled by the poor service and we heard a lot of negative comments from our friends as well.  On last Friday we were celebrating Baby F’s birthday and were seated at a long table at the alfresco.  It was a rainy day and the floor was wet, no one bothered to mop the floor and some of us nearly tripped.  It was so tired flagging staff for attention, no one served us any water or tea for 30 minutes.  This place used to have friendly and excellent service when the old couple was still in charge but apparently the new chubby maitre d’ is just the TOTAL OPPOSITE.  Someone even said they are so disgusted by the maitre d’s disgruntled face and swear not to come back ever again. (my friends noticed that if you are a young female AND pretty-looking you’ll get much better service!)

How about the food?  Oishii serves creative style of fusion sushi which is very different from the traditional Nigiri (hand-pressed sushi).  They also offers traditional Japanese dishes like Katsu-Don (Japanese Pork Rice), Tempura (Deep-fried Prawns and Vegetables), Sashimi.  We love their Spider Roll (Soft Shell Crab), Himawari (Karaage Chicken with Avocado), White Dragon (Scallops with Black Tobiko and Lobster Salad), Red Dragon (Salmon and Avocado) and Dragon Roll (Eel with Cream Cheese).  The Tempura Prawns, Katsu Curry Rice and Omelette Fried Noodles are just fairly average.  The Terriyaki Chicken Roll and Salmon Fried Rice are quite bland in taste.  Frankly the sashimi they used is not the best in Brisbane, I would say even Sushi Train offers higher quality of raw Salmon and Scallops, but if you like modern style of sushi rolls it’s not bad to have a try.

Oishii Sushi Bar
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-9pm
Address: Shop 2, 70 Pinelands Rd, SUNNYBANK HILLS QLD 4109
Phone: 07 3423 7774

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